I'm Samantha Marshall, and I love helping others make special memories!  Whether you have a new growing family or have just fallen in love and are planning your future, I want to help capture your special moments and hear your story!  

I am a professional photographer based in Potomac Falls, Virginia.  I specialize in portraiture and event/wedding photography. I use a documentary style approach to my photography, while also making sure to capture unique and artistic opportunities in every image.

Fun Sam Facts:

  • I am a wife, mother and rescue enthusiast.  I have a wonderful husband, and he and my children are who always encourage me to follow my dreams.  Follow me on Instagram to see a little bit of my fun life!

  • I have loved photography for as long as I can remember.  

  • I enjoy capturing my own family events, and it has evolved into something so much more, as I now help other families capture milestones and memories. 

  • Growing up I was fortunate enough to have many large prints hanging in my family home that were taken by my grandpa.  He was a true talent and in turn my mother had many scrapbooks filled with memories of her and my aunts and uncle, and of course, me growing up.  

  • I am president of the Loudoun Photography Club (LPC) www.loudounphotoclub.com

  • When I am not chasing down our four-legged rescues, I am involved in freelance activities to help local small businesses, charities and animal shelters.

  • I chair the Claude Moore Park Photo Expo each year that encourages new amateur photographers of all ages. 

  • I have my fine art pieces in a local gallery shows throughout Northern VA!

  • In recent years many of my photos have been featured in print and online for community publications!

Thank you for visiting my site!  Thanks so much for stopping by and wanting to know more about me! I look forward to working with you!