Our First Snow of the Year!

The snow has come and gone - just like a typical Virginia snowfall... but to have one so soon before Christmas is very rare these days!  I happened to be meeting up with these two amazing ladies for a photo shoot this past weekend during the NOVA "snowstorm" and they insisted we run out in the snow for a bit!  So glad they wanted to have some fun!

Let Them Eat Cake! Cake Smash... In Front of the Lens!

For my birthday this year I decided to get in front of the lens and experience a little messy fun!   With the help of my talented team of creatives, we made this quick and easy shoot a ton of fun!  The cake (which I couldn't stop eating it was SO amazingly delicious) was lovingly made by Katrina of Cake Me With You, the cake topper was created by the talented Sandra of CelebrationHill (and she surprised me with the addition of the camera!!!), the set up with a compilation of our Sweet Memories studio sets and props and the photographer, my own talented daughter, Victoria!  She and I edited them together in true team fashion. and I couldn't be happier!

Let Them Eat Cake!

If you or someone you know would like a special Cake Smash Session - Contact Me for details!  Cakes are complimentary and always part of the session and we do our best to create something unique for your personality!