Memory Keeper

The word camera comes from "camera obscura".  It is Latin for "dark chamber" and sounds more mysterious than it is.  The camera box is literally a dark chamber... what a photographer does with the box is part of the art of it.  Photography as we know it has been around for about 170 years, yet the art of capturing an image is thousands of years old.  Painting, carvings, and prints of various types are just a few ways history has been able to hold fast and stay relevant for generations.

Photography and the ever evolving science behind it has opened doors to films, television, artist, inventors, entrepreneurs, technology advancements and more.  The simple pleasures of photography are just as exciting as the advancements.  Capturing a real smile that you can feel true emotion from or a baby's soft skin or a family member's final year is what drives me.

Photo Credit: Lauren Marshall

Photo Credit: Lauren Marshall

I recently received a beautiful email from a client sharing the news of a family member's passing.

At the time we met, I was focused on the job.  Getting the best of a group of funny family members, including goofy teens making each other laugh.  I grabbed shots of quick smiles from the older family members, especially the matriarch as she was amused by the younger grandchildren playing on the floor behind me.  I had no idea this lovely woman sitting in the midst of several generations of love was actually terminally ill.

The email was so touching, allowing me to feel a part of this family loss.  She told me the photos I took would be cherished and I cannot even begin to explain how powerful that word sounds/feels to me.  Cherished.  I now have a new milestone memory to hold, and I am so glad I was available that particular day for them.  It even began to rain about 10 minutes before our appointment and the client had a plan B already in mind using her Christmas tree as a backdrop.

These are the events I want to keep close to my heart and pull out when I need to remember what this is all about!  Love; engagements; weddings; new life and even death, all of these are examples of possible memories served and created by the "dark chamber" and my passion for the art of it.

Stay sweet!