"When you can appreciate beauty in every inch
of the creation that is yoga" 
~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Have you seen the viral video of the wedding photographer who dives, jumps and flips all the while taking photos of a giggling bride and groom?  As entertaining as it is and purposeful to get big smiles, it makes me wonder how practical is it to take photos in motion?  If you see photographers squatting, bending and crawling every which way; leaning, balancing or climbing on tables, it is a sure way to create the perfect angled image.  It may even be entertaining to see all this activity and a little more realistic than dancing around, but to each their own!

From children to pets and weddings to families walking across bridges, getting the right angle is all in the bend and break of it!  I have braved skipping stones to the middle of a flowing stream to get a balanced shot for families.  OK, OK, that doesn't sound dangerous but when you are carrying your baby - aka my camera - it is a risky move!  These are some of my favorite memories!

So what about yoga?, you ask.  It is all in your state of mind... and probably a good idea to stretch your body, too before a photo shoot.  Developing new memories for others can take you out of your own comfort zone right into their "Pinterest imaginings"; better get ready physically and mentally, just in case you need to climb a tree!

Those are my daughter's and my boots ;)  Photo credit: Beth Bradley

Those are my daughter's and my boots ;)  Photo credit: Beth Bradley

Warrior Pose - you can do it!  YOU own that shot!  I recently saw a funny compilation of strange positions/places other photographers have been in (click here if you would like to see it).  I definitely will get my knees dirty for a shot; maybe even my whole outfit, cowgirl boots and all!  Getting the perfect shot can be one of luck and dedication.  It's a combination of balance and composition.

Shining Skull - breathe easy and take that shot!  Breathing or lack there of while pressing the button and hearing the shutter open and close can make or break the shot.  Capturing that new memory and then checking the view screen to see your prize... did you move?... even a hair?  Did your focus stay on point or did you decide at the last split second to do a quick somersault and hold your breath just hoping to capture that perfect smile? 

Don't forget to stretch... your imagination and body.

Stay sweet!