In Front of My Lens: A Queen Bee

Kathy Jordan is not only a devoted wife and mother to five boys, she is also a successful business owner.  As an Independent Sales Director in Mary Kay, Kathy touches lives daily with her beautiful attitude and drive to help others.  

Where are you from originally?  I am from Peru, Illinois.

What is your fondest memory growing up?  My fondest memory growing up is really a theme. I loved going to my maternal Grandmother's house and walking in to find her sitting at the kitchen table either praying the Rosary or playing Solitaire. I still do both!

When/how did you decide to take the plunge into owning your own business?  I decided to own my own business once I had a family and realized no one would give me the freedom, flexibility and income I desired except me.

What is most important to you?  My husband and children are most important to me.

Who inspires you?   I am most inspired by people who never make excuses. Personal responsibility in spite of circumstances.

You can find more information on Kathy's Mary Kay business here!