A Cake Artist's Birthday... Katrina's 40th Cake Smash!

How does a cake artist celebrate her 40th?  Smashing one of her amazing creations and LOVING IT!  One fun thing Katrina, of Cake Me With You in Loudoun mentioned is she rarely gets to enjoy a cake as a whole!  She taste tests her recipes, sure... but this smash was a long time coming, and she was seriously enjoying having her very own birthday cake!

Adult Cake Smashes are one of my very favorite sessions to create!  It is not just for one year olds anymore!  It is a great way to let loose and just ENJOY yourself!  This style of session can be for any birthday celebration, or anniversary or just because!  We have a 50th anniversary session planned for this Fall... so stay tuned to see that exciting outcome!  It's a mess that is allowed... and fun to make for sure!  Do you want to try it!?  Contact me! (and if a mess is not your thing, ask for the "clean smash"!)


 Cake by Cake Me With You

Makeup by So Phia

Set/Props and Photography by yours truly!