The Family Session - a personal favorite

Family sessions are one of those things that can be done all year long and in the most interesting places around town! Being unique is something I strive for even if you ask to use a super popular site location! I love bringing out your family’s personality and just show everyone having a great time! Bringing out your best you is my goal at every session!

What should we wear?!?!

Be Comfortable.  Clothing should not be something that causes an issue. If your little one really does not like the feel of jeans, don’t worry! Contrasting fabrics work well. Comfort includes shoes. We will be moving around, standing, walking, sitting and the kids should be able to run comfortably, too!

Coordinating COLOR: Easy rules of thumb are to choose one base color - blue, burgundy, dark grey and one complimentary color, pastel or ivory and then one more complimentary neutral like a brown or grey. Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for family photos. 

Too Matchy? Coordinate; don’t match.  Choose clothing that share the same style category (if you want the kids in formal dressware, you should also wear the same level of dress). Scarves, pashminas shawls and jackets are great accessories that can create a feeling your are hoping for. It can be 70 degrees out and we can create a Fall feel without even breaking a sweat!


Learn more about family sessions here! Contact me to book or if you have any questions!