Cake Smash

Flowers... sweets and smashes... oh my!

This month has been one exciting birthday after another and when this lovely lady asked for purple as her main color I was ecstatic!  Cake Me With You’s cake became Mari’s costar with its vibrant color icing; not to mention how delicious these cakes always taste!

Adult cake smashes are a fun way to celebrate your next milestone!  Birthdays, anniversaries, corporate advancements and anything else that just makes you happy! Check out more images and information here!

Simple elegance... with a little confetti!

Today, I had a lovely young lady in for a birthday session. She didn’t ask for anything special except to include a few friends. Leading up to this session I felt I wanted her to have a special set of her own and was walking through our new Trader Joe’s this week and saw the sweetest little “Party Cake”.  The idea was born in that moment to so simple, elegant, confetti mixed with her only request of rustic and snowy. 

Here is an image of the set and cake inspired by a sweet lady about to turn 25 next Friday!  Happy birthday, Crystal!