2300 Degrees of Icy Abandon - the show

Upcoming Artist Show and Reception

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The Arts in the Village Gallery announces the November Featured Artists Exhibit "2300 Degrees of Icy Abandon", a show capturing the chilly emotion of shapes, light and motility. Featuring the glasswork of Aimee Johns and the fine art photography of Samantha S. Marshall, join us at the Gallery to experience this intriguing show. 

Johns tackles her creative projects with a renegade style of creativity. She says of her newest icy collection, "It doesn't bother me to 'break it until I make it'.  I’m still getting to know the glass and finding the compromise between its own struggle to be what it thinks it is verses what I want it to be. It’s the perfect kind of chemical romance."    

Marshall's arresting digital images will adorn the feature walls. Marshall's work in the show begins their life as hidden places many do not even know exist, and once captured on film, she brings to life a striking image that evokes emotion. Her pieces have a sense of imagery and staging that breathes life into her subjects, especially abandoned spaces throughout the country. 

Meet Aimee, Samantha, and other gallery artists while enjoying an upscale beer and food tasting by Bowlero of the Village of Leesburg, Delirium Cafe of Leesburg, and Old Ox Brewery of Ashburn, along with desserts by RTC's Red Velvet Cupcakery, and live music by Chris Hankins at this public reception on Saturday, November 18th, from 4 to 7 pm.

 Arts in the Village Gallery, 1601 Village Market Blvd, Suite 116, Leesburg, VA 20175.
Tel: 571-442-8661 Email:
@artsinthevillage on instagram

The Village at Leesburg's Christmas Tree Lighting and festivities will also add to this exciting evening!
Be one of the first 50 guests at the reception and get a special event SWAG BAG!

This Exhibit will be open from November 1-30, 2017.

Art Spaces in Beautiful Places

A Summer-time Lake Anne painting inspired by Sweet Memories Photography... Luisa of Aziul Art in Reston, VA reached out this Summer and asked for an inspirational photo of a special spot in Reston.  Lake Anne is home to a unique group of independently owned shops and restaurants.  It is one of the more historical Reston centers and hosts everything from weekend farmer's markets to a new brewery! 

I took an afternoon and went to the lake for some fresh photos through the crowds, and sent my favorites to Luisa. She picked her favorite and referenced it on her phone as she did a live painting right there by the lake! She then used her creation to teach a group at the Cork and Canvas Event (wine and painting class) this Summer!  


It was such a blast being able to collaborate with this amazing artist and to see one of my photos become a new masterpiece for her students to take home and enjoy!  

Of course, I took the class as well so I could have an original!

Of course, I took the class as well so I could have an original!

Finding My Style: Branching Out

"Average photographers imitate beauty;  great photographers create their own." ~ Unknown

The same goes for any art, I suppose.  My goal in photography is to evoke emotion.  As I got through this new year of learning, I am investing in new avenues of thought and practice.  As I find new artists who move me sometimes on first glance (after that gasp and awe of it all) I think “now, why didn’t I think of that?” or “I have never even gotten close to that level of creativity!”  The self-doubt sets in.  But… then I remind myself of the day I was walking around Lake Anne and ventured into the last-of-its-kind book store.  A used book store.  I bought a book of poems by Whitman.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Leaves of Grass:  It was not your typical collection of mere poetry.  It was raw and very emotional and very different from the image I had saved in my school days of Whitman.  Of course, those were based on only a few pieces found in text books and no time really spent on who he was as a man.  

The preface set the stage to seeing a lot of real life emotions - pain and happiness and less of the untouchable artist that we tend to box celebrity into.   Not that Whitman is like today’s celebrities; I guess we could call him a historic scholar or artsy idol.

Photo Credit: Samantha S. Marshall

Photo Credit: Samantha S. Marshall

Reminiscing on this day helped me to realize I am just human.  We all are!  No matter where we come from, or the basis of our heritage or ease of life (or lack of) we all lay in the grass and think and maybe even just feel (if we are lucky to have a few minutes alone!)

Photo credit: a Breaking Bad fan page ;) How ironic.

Photo credit: a Breaking Bad fan page ;) How ironic.

I hope this new year treats everyone well and we all make it what we need it to be for each of us!

Stay Sweet!