Hello 30... Cake Smash with Chrystal and my new Sundae Pumps!

Chrystal is one of my favorite people. She has been in my life for a while, although we didn’t know each other well and I watched her grow from a teen to a young wife and mother and now, an amazing Pastor’s wife and teen counselor. She is smart, witty and beautiful inside and out! We discussed her 30th birthday around her 29th birthday… yes a year in the making. I was so touched when I saw this on her facebook page… talk about an ego boost for my photography!

“I have been in awe of Samantha Stevens Marshall since the day I met her. Much time after meeting, we reconnected and she took Danny Woody and my engagement, wedding, family and sons first bday photos. She has made my dreams come true for many years and today, she did it again. I wanted to do something for my 30th birthday/weight loss and had a vision. Samantha made my dreams come true again today. Thank you so much for making my awkward self feel comfortable, making me laugh and being so patient with my ideas. I love you and your family so much.”

One is a Onederful Number!

This little sweetheart is celebrating her first birthday starting with a cake smash designed with love!  Her mommy and aunt (Country Class Creations) came up with the color scheme and decor ideas and her cake is a simply elegant and delicious design from Katrina at Cake Me With You!  

Happy First Birthday!!!!!  Let them eat cake!!!!