Milk Bath Photography... Yes, it's a real thing!

From maternity sessions to just making a fine art session come to life... the milk bath is one of those things that people may hear about and see pop up on social media for soon to be mama, but never dreamed it would be something to try. Well, dreams can come true!  A milk bath session is fun, private, creative, beautiful and best of all doable!  

We decided to launch this style of session with a bright floral style in deep fuchsia against the opaque white bath.  Relaxing and calm and beautiful.

And then we went for a silly and unique twist by swapping the flowers for fruit loops!  As beautiful as the flowers are, the fruit loops just make you smile ear to ear!

This style of photo session is another favorite of mine!  If you are interested in doing a session or know of a soon to be mom who would love to experience a maternity milk bath, contact me for details!

Loudoun Maternity: Sweet Memories Photography

As I watch this beautiful family grow, I am reminded of how blessed I have been, watching my own daughters go through all the beautiful stages of childhood.  Congratulations to Erinn and Dave (and Big Brother!) as they get ready to welcome the newest member of their family!

I also had a blast photographing the nursery Erinn and her sister decorated!  The color scheme is gorgeous and every detail was handmade with such love!